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Allan K. Green

Professional Overview:

Allan Green currently owns and operates the QualiNET Company, providing  instruction and courseware development in Object-Oriented Design and Analysis using Rational Rose™ or System Architect™, C++, Smalltalk, and Java languages.    QualiNET courses are offered using the most popular and advanced development platforms for  Windows  systems.    QualiNET also provides custom courseware  and instruction programs to meet unique training requirements, as well as systems design and integration services.   QualiNet has been in business since 1993. 

Prior to 1993, Mr. Green served as Adjunct professor of Computer Science at North Carolina Central University under the auspices of IBM’s Faculty Loan program.  Mr. Green taught computing-related courses in both the School of Business and the Department of Computer Science, and was known for his commitment to the students and clarity of learning objectives.  He was instrumental in introducing new topics into the computer science curriculum and assisting the University with its local area network implementation. 

From 1985-1991 Mr. Green managed the consolidation of all major IBM data center facilities in the Connecticut, Westchester, New Jersey tri-state area.  In 1985-87 all HQ production (MVS) operations, most notably the accounting and ledger processing, were consolidated at Sterling Forest, NY.    During 1988-91 the HQ office/administration processing from 11 locations in the tri-state area was consolidated and relocated to a new I/S facility at Somers, NY.   This project also had the added complexity of "regionalization", i.e., standardizing the support, operations, and user interface functions on one region-wide platform or process.  Both consolidations were highly successful and the regional centers were acknowledged leaders in remote operations, network management, and end-user services.


BS in Computer Science, Union College, 1973  (GPA 3.3)

MS in Systems and Information Science, Syracuse, 1981  (GPA 3.4)

MBA, Lubin Graduate School of Business, PACE 1987 (GPA 3.9)

Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate School of Management, Union College, Schenectady (1990-present) (GPA 3.7)

Career History:

Owner, QualiNET Company  (1993-present) Hillsborough, NC, specializing in advanced technology training, courseware development, and RAD process consulting for corporate and institutional clients.   QualiNET specializes in object-oriented languages (C++, Smalltalk, Java, and VB) in Windows™ environments.   Clients have included Cedalion Education, Broadway & Seymour, IBM Education and Training, Technology Exchange, Sprint Corporation, and GTE.

Visiting Professor, Computer Science (1992-93) Durham, NC

Selected through the IBM Loaned Executive Program for an adjunct faculty position at North Carolina Central University teaching computer science and mathematics.  Also served on faculty advisory committees planning departmental and campus implementation of local area network facilities.

IBM ISSC HQ Staff  (1991-92), Somers, NY. Responsible for business and technical plan review, quality management programs, and executive customer satisfaction for IBM internal regions.

Manager, HQ Region Data center (1985-91) Somers, NY.  Senior manager of IBM Regional Data Center (250 people), providing IBM HQ personnel in the New York - New Jersey - Connecticut region with:

     -    End-user computing services for 25,000 IBM professionals at 27 locations from

          22 host systems at 6 central locations via LAN - WAN networks. 

     -    Site telecommunications management for the Somers site, providing voice

          access, PBX management, logical and physical design, and directory maintenance services for the 2500 Somers occupants.

      -    Office application integration and support for E-mail, graphics, and 150 end-user

           support functions in a standard end-user offering.

      -    Central M&D and Corporate applications: accounting/ledger, manufacturing logistics, parts/design information.

      -    Corporate VM Network (VNET) planning, installation, and operation.

      -    Software engineering and applications development of central applications.

Corporate Program Manager, Information Security Testing (1984-85) White Plains, NY. Established IBM company-wide program for information asset security testing in data centers.  Included identification of exposures, development of tools and management systems for systems testing, education and training of systems audit personnel, program monitoring and executive reporting.

Manager, Systems Support and Architecture (1980-84).  Departmental and middle manager responsible for:

       -   Systems Architecture and Plans - strategy development and implementation,

           workload forecasting and capacity planning, advanced technical analysis,

           project planning and control, I/S business and financial planning and control.

      -    Systems and Performance analysis - measurement and tuning of MVS, VM, and IMS systems, performance and configuration analysis, capacity measurement, performance reporting.

Systems and applications programming (1964-79).  Technical positions in application systems development, design and analysis, systems programming, planning, performance analysis, and telecommunications planning and support.


1.       Systems Reliability Planning, I/S Symposium, 1977

2.       Workload Characterization and Planning, I/S Symposium, 1977

3.       A Modeling Approach to Capacity Planning, I/S Symposium, 1978

4.       An Analysis of 3350 DASD Utilization at SRL, Pok., TR#00.3026, 1979

5.       A Performance Information System, ITL Symposium, 1980

6.       The Business Units Basis for Workload Planning, Share 58 Proceedings, Los Angeles, March 1982


      55 years old, excellent health, married, 11 children; major hobbies/activities are running, farming, backpacking, and other outdoor recreation.


      American Society for Quality Control - Statistics Division


QualiNET Company: (1993-)

  Object-Oriented Programming with Java                                              

           Object-Oriented Programming with C++

           Object-Oriented Programming with Smalltalk

           Visual C++ Programming for Windows™

           Object-Oriented Design and Analysis with the Unified Modeling Language

Using Rational Rose™

Using System Architect™

North Carolina Central University: 1992-93

           Fundamentals of Computing and Information Systems

           Systems Analysis and Design

           FORTRAN programming

           Computer Graphics with C++

           Computer Information Systems and Business Applications



           C, C++ - Expert level, instructional graphics, demos, OOP

  Smalltalk - Expert level, instructional models, tutorials

           Java - Expert level, client server interface development

Visual BASIC - Expert Level

           APL - Expert level, statistical modeling, analysis

ASSEMBLER - financial and systems programming

           COBOL - financial applications development

           PL/1 - Manufacturing applications development

           FORTRAN - Instructional demonstrations, development

      Mainframe Systems/Sub-Systems experience:

           MVS, VM, IMS, CICS, JES, SQL

      Workstation/PC platforms:

           DOS, WIN 3.1, NT, 95/98, OS/2, NETWARE 3.11& 4.0

           MS OFFICE, MS ACCESS, DB/2, dBase, LOTUS, Wordperfect, FREELANCE,

           and general familiarity with most other PC applications in common use.