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ScheduleAnyware is a custom calendar and scheduling system which has been adapted to the particular needs of EMS, Fire and Rescue departments.

Typically, members are scheduled for 24/7 coverage. Coordinating trained staff, sometimes mixing paid with volunteer, often for multiple locations, can be a huge challenge for these organizations.

ScheduleAnyware allows for the members to signup and trade shift assignments from any location that has Internet access. It is not necessary to track down administrators by phone or visit the station house to schedule fills.

Visit the ScheduleAnyware web site to learn more.

IsoCalc is a custom program designed for environmental laboratories to more efficiently manage and report the results of the trace analysis of priority pollutants, especially dioxins and polychlorinated byphenols.

Working with a leading provider of environmental analyses, Waddell Software has developed a system to give operators a powerful tool to process the results of these analyses in a precise, yet more timely manner.

By automating the process using intermediate programs, bench chemists can spend more time managing these reports and less time manually transposing data.

Contact Waddell Software to learn how IsoCalc can improve the productivity in your laboratory operations.

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