In 2000, Waddell Software Development , LLC (Waddell Software) began developing the web site for the Orange Emergency Medical Service and Rescue Squad (OEMSRS). We began with the standard features: organizational chart, officers, history, donations page, and photos. That served as a great public relations tool, which introduced the Squad to the general public and prospective donors.

It soon became evident, however, that the web site had the potential to unite the Squad more effectively by providing a central point of communication. The Squad would depend on its members - scattered throughout Orange and surrounding counties - to sign-up for fills on a paper calendar posted in one of their stations. It was decided to investigate the use of web site to provide INTERNET BASED scheduling, so that members could sign up from any PC connected to the Internet.

Once the calendar/schedule system was installed, several other online features quickly followed, including Vehicle Maintenance and Time Keeping.

The purpose of this web site is to introduce to similar organizations the many features available through this system and to give you a chance to test drive the system yourselves on the Online Demonstration Site.

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